New Retail Location Coming to Santa Rosa, California

Justice Grown is getting ready to serve the beautiful community of the north bay with a new retail location in downtown Santa Rosa near the SOFA and arts district! The shop sits on the corner of Barnham and Petaluma Hill Road within a large brick building once the home of a post office and local grocer and later a motor cycle shop. Neighbors have complained about the dilapidated building for sometime now as it has attracted homeless and been a site for people to dump unwanted items.

The permit for a commercial cannabis retail license was submitted in April of 2018 to the City of Santa Rosa and includes over 5,000 square feet of space dedicated for a community impact area with primary space allocated to Verity the local rape crisis and domestic abuse prevention center. The community impact area may also be used for other community groups or services when scheduled ahead of time.

The new owners are gearing up for a remodel to be able to open their doors by the spring of 2020. Residents and local business owners are anticipating the new business will enhance the local economy by bringing tourism to the area. Justice Grown is preparing to start remodeling the beautiful old brick building and intends to keep its traditional look with a modern twist with new lighting, exterior paint, draught tolerant landscaping, rainwater catchment systems and easier access to parking.

The Justice Grown team is comprised of local industry experts including one of the founders of Peace in Medicine, Barry Wood. Barry says, “It’s ben a long journey but we are excited to open our doors by Spring of 2020 and begin serving our members”. The farm supporting the dispensary is just down the road and the group also holds a manufacturing and distribution license allowing them to offer quality cannabis products at an affordable price.

Before and After -- Exterior and Interior 4.jpg